Manage Conveyancing Communication

Once the quote progresses to an instruction, Perfect Portal offers optional Traffic Light and Key Stage features which ensure accuracy and transparency throughout the conveyancing process. Perfect Portal ensures this process is as efficient as possible by reducing phone calls and enabling communication to all parties through automated notifications of your choice.

Conveyancing Communication Management - Perfect Portal

Key Stage Notifications

The Key Stage feature enables a 360 degree view of the progress of the matter by all key stakeholders including your client. As milestones are reached, emails are sent to all parties notifying them of completion; significantly reducing the amount of time you and your firm spends providing updates. If your case management system already offers this service, you can either disable this function completely or integrate Perfect Portal with your case management provider.

Stay focused

One click of a button to send multiple automated communications provides a proactive communication approach reducing the amount of incoming, disruptive enquiries.

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