For Estate Agents and Mortgage Brokers

Generate quotes for prospective clients, whether they are working in the office or are using a mobile device on-the-move.

Perfect Portal for Estate Agents and Mortgage Brokers

A free, personalised dashboard and unique login is created for each referrer, so they have the ability to:

Generate quotes for prospective clients, whether they are working in the office or are using a mobile device while on-the-move

Quotes include legal fees, stamp duty and search fees. This transparency eliminates any uncertainty about conveyancing costs. In addition, quotes use language that clients can relate to, to help you win more business.

Analyse the number of quotes and conversions being generated by their staff members

This can be broken down per branch and per negotiator for a 360 degree view of office activity.

Manage referral fees (optional)

When you mark a case as complete, you will receive a copy of the email that’s sent to your accounts department that notifies them that the referral fee is due. Your referrers can then manage payments and mark them as paid. This encourages them to log on, check their pipeline referral fees, and ensure that their fees are topped-up by sending you more work.

Request call-backs to prospective clients by pressing Warm Lead on the quote

Estate agents and mortgage brokers quoting on your behalf can tag your quotes as warm. An alert is then sent to your email inbox for immediate follow up. A fast response from you not only strengthens your relationship and ensures repeat business from the agent and broker, but also increases your rate of conversion for instructions.

We assist you to on-board and activate your referral network

Our trained client relationship team will help you engage with your estate agents and mortgage brokers by on-boarding them for you. We also offer and can provide sales tutorials for your estate agents and business clients on how to use Perfect Portal ensuring they can start to quote and instruct you straight away, or we will provide you with tutorials enabling you to engage and inform your referrers easily and efficiently. Our wealth of knowledge within the conveyancing sector will ensure we are on hand to support you to engage with your referrers directly.

Best of all, all this additional work is included in your Perfect Portal subscription.

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